Professional Activities

Alongside my work in private practice, I concurrently work at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. Prior to this, I have worked in a variety of settings as a senior clinician, supervisor, senior manager, trainer, and as an advisor to Central Government.

I have a particular interest in relationship difficulties both with couples and individuals and have specialist expertise and knowledge in two distinct areas – issues of sexuality and gender, and relationship conflict. I have published in both these areas of work (see Publications) and I regularly consult, train and supervise other professionals. I have set up and developed several different services for hard to reach populations including a specialist service for parents in entrenched conflict over their children – ‘The Parenting Together Service.’ This service was awarded the Innovative Excellence Award 2015 by the British Psychoanalytic Council. Related to this, I have also developed with Viveka Nyberg, a specialist model of time-limited treatment for couples who experience stormy relationships. I have worked on a number of published research studies investigating the effectiveness of different therapeutic modalities, including the development of Video Feedback Interactional Treatment for difficulties in the perinatal period.

I am a member of the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) special advisory group on sexual diversity. This is a group of senior professionals who have been working to tackle homophobia and prejudice in relation to sexual and gender diversity. The aim is to ensure that the psychotherapy profession, its services and accredited psychoanalytic trainings, are more open and inclusive. I have taken forward specific projects and training to ensure psychotherapy services were relevant and sensitive to the needs of the LGBT community. These achievements were recently recognised by an award, shared jointly with Juliet Newbigin, from the British Psychoanalytic Council – The Bernard Ratigan Award 2019 for Diversity in Psychoanalysis.

I have published widely in the area of psychotherapy and lesbian and gay relationships in both peer reviewed journals and books. I have recently co-authored a book with Juliet Newbigin, entitled: Psychoanalysis and Homosexuality: A Contemporary Introduction published by Routledge (recently reviewed in the British Journal of Psychotherapy, 40, 2, 280–294).


Sexuality and Gender

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 Relationship Interventions and Research Publications

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  • 2019: British Psychoanalytic Council – Bernard Ratigan Award for Diversity in Psychoanalysis 
  • 2015: British Psychoanalytic Council – Award for Innovation in Psychoanalysis