Professional Services

Supervision, training and consultation

Professional Services

I offer supervision to qualified psychotherapists working with adult individuals, couples and parents, as well as to counsellors and psychotherapists in training. Supervision may take several different forms. It might be that the aim of the supervision is to explore clinical work more closely, to think about the impact of the work on the therapist, examine more specifically issues of technique, theoretical formulation and concepts. Supervision may also involve developing one’s practice in relation to specific ways of working, for example to be able to work more effectively and in depth with unconscious processes, or to manage couples where their relationships become stormy or violent. Additionally, the supervision may have a particular focus, such as developing ways of working which adhere more closely to certain models of treatment such a Mentalization based approach, or to consider issues of sexuality particularly those relating to sexual and gender diversity within psychoanalytic practice with individuals and couples. The aims for supervision may be different according to your professional and developmental needs and this is something which would be discussed prior to starting.

Workplace supervision and consultation

I offer workplace supervision to clinicians and managers working in a range of settings. The focus of this type of supervision may be to examine the impact of the clinical work on you, your team, how it affects both the dynamics in the workplace and management styles. I also offer supervision which can focus on workplace and career development. Supervision can be offered on an individual basis or to small groups.

Training and CPD

I offer a range of continuing professional development trainings as well as training in a number of different intervention models. Please contact for more information.