Therapies Offered

Therapy for individuals, couples and for specific problems

Individual therapy

Individual therapy can help in many different ways, depending on the problems. For example, it can help identify what may be blocking someone in their life or keeping them stuck so they are unable to move forwards and develop their potential. It can help people identify difficult or destructive patterns in relationships, explore how these might be rooted in the past and the unconscious dynamics behind them. Through the process of therapy, new ways of relating in both one’s personal life and at work can be developed.

The duration and intensity of your therapy will depend on what we discuss together and consider best for you. Individual therapy can vary in frequency with the number of sessions per week ranging from once or twice a week, to a more intense analytic therapy several times a week. It may also be that a less frequent arrangement might be beneficial and this is something which can be discussed.

Couple therapy

Most couples will experience difficulties in their relationship at some point, often to do with communication or life transitions.

Issues which can be helped by couple therapy include the following, though this is not an exhaustive list: loss and bereavement, separation and divorce, the decision about whether to separate, the impact of affairs, problems with sexuality and gender, illness and death, fertility and conception, parenting, extended family problems, adoption and kinship care.

The problems might remain unspoken and may resolve spontaneously. However, problems may continue unaddressed and couples can then be caught in cycles of recrimination or misunderstanding. This is when seeking therapy as a couple can be helpful.

Couple psychotherapy does not attempt to just keep a relationship going at all costs, rather it works to support the couple, as well as each individual partner in the relationship, to reach whatever decision is right for them, including considering whether either or both partners could benefit from additional support individually. 

For specific problems

For help with conflict at home or work, problematic relationships which can become stormy, including post separation co-parenting difficulties, or problems of depression, anxiety and work related stress, I offer shorter-term therapy using a Mentalization based approach.

I welcome enquiries, and you can make an appointment to meet with me if you would like to know more about therapy. It may be that you wish to find out more but may not want or be ready to make a further commitment beyond an initial consultation.

Professional Registrations:

  • British Psychoanalytic Council 20491
  • United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy 980560